For diagnosis and treatment we will use one modality or several that work together.  They may be chosen from conventional or alternative medicine depending on the condition of your pet. 



Annual check-ups
A physical examination combined with screening for insect transmitted

illness can prevent problems from going undetected and having serious

consequences. We may also suggest a senior blood panel for older pets.

Puppy and kitten care
A good start in life will reach far into adulthood. 

Fecal exams
Checking your pet’s stool for parasites protects the whole family. 

Rabies vaccine is given according to local law.  For other vaccines we follow the recommendations of the AAHA and AAFP. The vaccine protocol will be tailored to the life style and health condition of your pet; we may also suggest titer testing instead.

Blood work
Most blood work is sent to a reputable diagnostic veterinary laboratory and most results will be available the next day. Some blood testing is done in-house, so we may start treatment immediately. 

Surgery/Dental cleaning
We have a separate surgery room with gas anesthesia and monitoring to keep your pet as safe as possible during routine surgery (spays & neuters, wound repair, tumor removal) and dental cleanings.  All our surgery patients have access to holistic post-operative care for wound healing and pain management.




Veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM)
Any pet will benefit from regular exams of their spine and joints. Changes can be picked up by a trained veterinary chiropractitioner long before overt signs of arthritis or disc disease are present.

Dogs having difficulties getting up and down, having ear infections, anal gland issues, lameness, snapping at owner when touched, as well as all agility and working dogs will benefit from spinal adjustments. 

Clinical nutrition/Animal tissue extracts
Cells need to be supplied with the necessary nutrients for tissue repair. If we find an organ system to be weak we will try to support and repair it with a whole food supplement that may contain the corresponding organ tissue, gland tissue and/or its precursors. 

As a medical system was developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann at the beginning of the 19th century. It uses tiny amounts of specially prepared substances from plants, animals and minerals to stimulate the body’s own defenses.

We will thoroughly educate the pet owner on the correct use of such a remedy. 

Western herbal remedies and Bach® Flowers
will be judiciously used, ever mindful of interactions that may occur when various modalities are intermingled.

Food testing and consultation
Whole food or food components will be evaluated whether they are tolerated and beneficial for your pet


Allergy testing and treatment
Sensitivity to inhalation allergens, food allergens, contact allergens and more

Toxin load evaluation
Our pets are closer to the ground, lie on the floor, lick their paws, groom, eat stuff they find….They may have been shipped from less pristine places….Environmental toxins can make pets sick and are difficult to treat.

Computer assisted analysis of overall health status
This gives us insight into the functioning of organ systems beyond blood work. It is also a lower cost alternative for clients that do not have the means for lab work. 

This technology processes the patient’s electromagnetic frequency information and incorporates it into a frequency pattern that is delivered back to the body. It is a safe, gentle and non-invasive healing therapy for your pet. We may use this in a wide variety of cases; it is especially helpful in chronic conditions that did not respond to other approaches.  Also, this presents a wonderful option for ‘reluctant’ cats. 

Kinesiological testing/TFH
The veterinarian will check every remedy that is prescribed in your pet’s energy field whether it is appropriate and compatible with your companion.